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Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Financial Planning is the blueprint for management of all financial affairs for our entire life.

GKNet has been providing Authentic Financial Planning services since 2010

Financial Planning

Financial Planning is 95% strategy and 5% products.Financial Planning is about lessons in life management first and money management second. Defining objective/s is the focus of planning, quantifying what you want without thinking of affordability and availability is the premises of planning and making a strategy to achieve the predefined objective is the crux of planning. We guarantee… that the decision of doing financial planning with GKNet will be the most rewarding activity you will do in your life for your family.

We believe that everyone has right to wealth; and amassing such wealth is a critical necessity. For this, one needs “Unbiased and Right Advice” all the time. Financial Planning is the most powerful scientific process to obtain financial goals successfully. It quantifies goals and evinces how much you need to save / invest to accomplish your financial goals. The result is a financial strategy that lives with you and can be modified with your changing circumstances. This is the only and the best way to manage financial matters.

We shall take you through a live, real time planning experience. There is ample scope for customisation and using one’s preferences & judgement in the planning process. We interact with all key family members, help them meet their objectives, achieve their goals, and provide consulting on practically every area of their lives that has a financial implication.

We will be happy to have you join us!

A word of caution: Financial Planning is not what most people think. It is not about buying a policy or investing into some product or rebalancing or doing asset allocation or anything that most people know of. It is the right consulting advice, a lot of calculations, projections and simulations based on certain assumptions put together by a professionally qualified person like CFPCM

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