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Debt Management
debt management

Debt or loans is like a double edged sword. Use it well and you can multiply your wealth. Debt or loans are just a call away but beware… they can crush you,they can kill you and they can take you down all the way! You dare misuse loans and it can finish you

Debt management can be offered per se by anyone. However it is nothing but experience and wisdom that will in the true sense help some manage debt properly. The solution is not always to pay off everything or to borrow at lower cost and pay off higher cost loans or to prepay or any combination of the above. It’s much more than that. The approach must be scientific along with wisdom to ensure that the debt works for the individual and not the other way round where the individual works for the debt.

A guideline for debt management can be as follows;

  1. Classification of debt & Comparative analysis of types of loans
  2. Study and review current cash flow and loan position vis-à-vis future financial prosperity
  3. Analysis the objective of debt and prepare strategy
  4. Finally putting in place the pathway to have zero loans and / or healthy loan management situation
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